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If you need more information about caring for three legged cats, please refer to our Three Legged Cats Adopter/Post-surgery guide.

If you are looking for support pre or post-amputation surgery, please join our active discussion group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/threeleggedcats.

If you need to REHOME your three legged cat, please fill out this form to get a free adoption listing on the Three Legged Cats FB page and companion group: https://forms.gle/JBAfrjrrdksUCt3k9

If you want to ADOPT a three legged cat, please fill out this form so we can match you up with listings in your area, and thank you for opening your heart and home to trikitties! https://forms.gle/sB2pmqFUrHnWjtsw9

If you need feline behavior consultation to help your cat transition to a three legged lifestyle, email us at TeamTripodTiffany@gmail.com and put Behavior Consultation in the subject line.

This service is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis. We particularly specialize in re-integrating three legged cats with other pets in the household post-surgery, and acclimating former feral / outdoor cats to an indoor life.


Team Tripod offers free adoption listings and promotion on our Facebook community, which consists of this page and the Three Legged Cats group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/threeleggedcats.

Please fill out this form to get your three legged cats in the listing queue: https://forms.gle/JBAfrjrrdksUCt3k9

If you are within a two hour drive of Baltimore, MD and need assistance creating photos/videos for your adoptable three legged cats, please email us at TeamTripodTiffany@gmail.com with the subject line Photos/Videos.

If you want a resource to provide to adopters/fosters of your three legged cats, we have a free Three Legged Cats Adopter/Post-surgery Guide here. Please credit Team Tripod when using this guide.

Have further questions? You can reach us at TeamTripodTiffany@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to provide more resources and recommendations for shelter/rescue staff, volunteers, and fosters. We are not veterinary professionals, but we have fourteen years of experience in working with three legged cats, two years of experience volunteering with an open admission shelter, and two years of running Facebook’s largest community for three legged cat pet parents.

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